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TREASURES OF MEXICO brings for your pleasure and decor our Equipale line of furniture featuring a wide variety of chairs, tables, and other items. We also have other arts such as Talavera, Black Pottery, Mirrors, etc. Simply click the item you want to see and it will take you to your desired products page. Once there you can look at each of our products and if you like them, you can purchase them by clicking the buy now button. For our friends in other parts of the world, we are looking into shipping worldwide in the near future and we are at the moment checking shipping costs. Please email us if you are interested in any of our products and we can give you a price quote. It is not much more expensive, so do let us know!




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About Us


The word "Equipal" originates from the Indian Nahuatl language "icpalli" meaning chair for gods. It is known that this type furniture was used by the Aztec higher class society even before the Spanish arrived in Mexico. Now a days, this furniture is made from various types of woods and leather. Because natural leather is used, it sometimes appear with slight imperfections such as spots. This makes it difficult at times to match two pieces, something that makes it unique and appealing to some people. This type of furniture is widely used in Mexico in homes as well as in restaurants and resorts. I am sure that anybody who has ever traveled to Mexico has sat down at one time or another on one of these chairs and has enjoyed a cool one or two. This furniture is very popular because of its versatility to enhance almost any decor indoors and outdoors. It requires very little maintenance. The equipale chair comes in both natural and stained finish. The stained ones come in different shades and they can also be painted in different colors. Regardless of which color you order, we are sure that you will enjoy them for a long time, as they have a long and durable life.


In this section we featuring photographs available for sale which were taken in Mexico and South America.

Black Pottery        

Check out our remaining inventory of Oaxacan Black Pottery. We will not be getting any more until possibly in the middle of next year!




The mirrors that we offer are made out of tin and some have Talavera tiles. They are all hand made and they will brighten up any spot in your house, whether they will be used in a room or hallway. They are easy to clean and will not rust if kept around dry areas.




Talavera pottery's origin comes from the Spanish Majolica ware originally produced in various Spanish towns. This type of pottery originated from the Italian Renaissance Majolica with a mixture of Moorish, Islam, and far eastern influences. This type of art was also brought to the New World by artisans and was first produced in the states of Puebla and Guanajuato. It is still being produced today by a handful of artisans much the same way as in the past. Each piece is hand painted and each artist uses their own design and colors.




Animalitos is a term used for wood carvings done by a handful of carvers in the state of Oaxaca. This type of art has become very popular within the last 40 years and it has captured the imagination of collectors and enthusiasts the world over. They are mainly made from balsa wood and carvers are able to form anything from a simple animal figure to a mythical figure originated from the carver's imagination and superstitions. 








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